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CBC results

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Posted 03 November 2019 - 11:34 AM

A couple of months ago I had gotten a Complete Blood Count (CBC) test done because I had been feeling dizzy and nauseous for a while, probably too long, and I decided to put my allergy to white coats aside and try and figure out what was going on with me. After waiting through the weekend, and going through my temporary Antivert medication for dizziness, I finally got my results. Everything was normal, besides my AST and ALT which we’re both above high normal ( 55 out of 9-40 for my AST and 85 out of 5-40 for my ALT). My WBC and RBC were within normal range, though my Absolute Neutrophils were below low normal having tested 1.2 out of 1.8 - 7.0 and my Absolute Reactive Lymphs which tested as being above high normal (.5) while the average is 0 - 0.1. Now seeing as to how I got this done at a clinic, they never really gave me any information as to what any of it means, outside of high liver enzymes and low neutrophils, the rest was up to my own research and interpretation. In the couple months prior I had repeated UTI and yeast infections, in which I found out a couple months after the blood test that the UTIs were a result of a strep b infection (not pregnant, just unlucky I guess) and the yeast infections due to the rounds of antibiotics following each infection.
Now last week I went and had a urinalysis done because I had pain while peeing, which didn’t feel so much like a UTI but more the time I found out I had strep b, but to no avail I didn’t have a UTI or Strep B. Ive been feeling off for a while, what with daily headaches, near consistent dizziness, loss of appetite, and a more than increased desire to sleep 16 hours out of the day.
I know a lot of these symptoms can be correlated to both depression/anxiety and hypochondria, but I just feel uneasy.

I guess my questions are: 1. what does my collective CBC results conclude along with how I feel? and 2. are there any other tests I can get done outside of blood and urine to see if there is anything wrong with me?

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