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Mystery illness, need help

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#1 Guest_Noelle_*

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Posted 04 October 2019 - 08:56 PM

I've been sick for almost 5 months now and I have endless blood tests and body scans but the doctors just can't find the cause.  Every few days I will get what I call "episodes" where I get the following symptoms:


joint pain, muscle aches, muscle spasms, cold feet, freezing (flu like symptoms), high fever, nausea, weird nerve snapping in my head (like someone snapping a rubber band on my head).

When these episodes come on it usually last for 5 hours. 


And these are the symptoms I have always: chest congestion and heaviness, raspy breathing, body aches, from knees to feet feel swollen but they're not, fatigue, lack of appetite, lack of energy.

The doctors have given me albuterol for my lungs, I have 2 rounds of different antibiotics and that didn't help at all.


I was out of my house for 2 weeks and besides a little chest congestion for the first few days I was totally fine.  When I got back home 2 days later I had another episode and then 5 days later another.  I think it may be something in my house that is making me sick.  I don't see any mold but am having someone come and do a full air test for mold.  


If anyone could please help me try and figure this out I would be so grateful as the doctors have basically thrown up their hands.


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