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Strange unidentifable toe issue

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#1 Walker71



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Posted 08 August 2019 - 04:41 AM



I am taking this step (if you'll pardon the pun) of approaching a forum because, to date, no doctor or service has been able to determine the cause of a curious issue.  Perhaps if I mention it here, it may result in someone identifying the possible cause.



3 & 4 toes on left foot are numb to the point of pain.

Walking causes a swelling around the area of the 3/4 metatarsal region just below the toes. Can no longer walk further than 50-100 meters without swelling in this region. 

Pain seem more predominant when dehydrated - i.e. hydration seems to help in easing pressure and pain.

Toes can sometimes feel cold, particularly after massaging the area.

Toes can sometime feel hot, particularly at night during sleep.

There is no irregular discolouration in the toes. 


Feels like:

The blood circulation to the toe is blocked off.  However, the toes present with normal circulation.  There is no reddening or whiting of the area.



Gradually presents over 6 months from a general tingling to pressure and pain in the toes.


Actions Taken:

2 Ultrasound, 1 MRI at 3mm have both produced no results.

Neurologist review discovered no cause.

A podiatrist has bound my foot, and placed a pad beneath it which seem to have offered brief relief. He cannot determine the cause.

Placing a gauze wrapping between the 3/4 toes seems to help partially by alleviating some pressure in that area.

if area is swollen, running beneath cold water seems to alleviate the pain.

Massaging the area seems to help briefly.


Considered Cause:

Morton's Neuroma - however, MRI or Ultrasound revealed nothing.


Medical history involving feet:

Previous history of gout. This issue has not presented for several years since losing weight and becoming more active (including weightlifting).



Any investigation has so far yielded no cause.  However, the pain is increasing and is very real.  It's cause me some distress in that I feel if the issue continues to get worse, the solution may be very bad.  I'd rather try to fix it as soon as possible.


Any good thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.






#2 Huscarl86



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Posted 17 October 2019 - 01:40 AM

Walker71, I cannot help you, but I am going through something very similar to what you have described.


The Doctors and Podiatrist I have seen so far have been unable to diagnose the problem, but I am due to see a new Doctor on 25th of this month and currently have new visible symptoms that have not been seen by a professional yet.


I am thinking that a break through for one of us may be a break through for both of us, and I am very keen to get in touch with you.


I will be writing up my own thread detailing my symptoms and posting it here tomorrow, as so far it has been a 3+ year ordeal of pain in my foot and leg, and it's too late at night for me to begin writing it all out.


I will also be looking at other places to get help online.


I am certain we both have damaged nerves in the toe/ball of the foot.



My email is housecarl2066@gmail.com


Please get in touch and let me know if you have made any progress.

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