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Girlfriend too stubborn to go to the ER and I'm worried. Swollen, cracked lips, burning tongue, white spots on lips and sore throat.

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#1 Guest_Worriedboyfriend1882018_*

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Posted 19 May 2019 - 05:35 PM

Age : 20

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Posting this on behalf of my girlfriend cuz I'm worried about her and she's stubborn and refuses to go to the ER.

After doing a dental procedure last Tuesday, on Wednesday she started feeling pain on the inside of her lower lip, nothing too much but persistent 24/7 pain.

On thrusday she woke up with her lips swollen to twice their size and the pain from before was still there. She went to the local clinic to see a doctor who told her it was gengivitis and prescribed an antibiotic called "Nimedsulina" (this is the name in Portuguese I assume) and some Strefen losanges to reduce swelling and said it should clear up after 2 to three days. The Strefen would momentarily reduce the swelling on the lips but everything else stayed the same.

Her lips started to crack and really hurt so on Friday she went back to her dentist to have a look and he said he couldn't see anything except for a mouth ulcer on the inside of the lower lip where she inicially felt pain but that the gums were fine so it maybe could be an allergic reaction to something, possibly a gel called Elugel that he prescribed to put on her gums after the procedure but that he couldn't say for sure so he couldn't prescribe anything so he just told her to put ice on her lips to make the swelling go away. The ice would ease off swelling and pain because it would numb her lips and it seems to have worked because 2 days later the lips are not swollen anymore. However pain still persists from them being chapped.

Yesterday she said she woke up with her throat slightly sore, like that feeling you get the day before it gets really sore and painful. Her mum was going to her doctor for a checkup and so she went along to see what he'd say about her situation. He looked at it and said that it was likely an allergy and he prescribed some antihistamines. After that she was confident and feeling better so she decided to eat a bit of popcorn. Bad idea because after that her tongue was irritated and burning. Then after looking at her lips and found multiple white spots all over her lips including a cluster of 4 or 5 on one corner of the lips which weren't there previously.

Today she woke up feeling the same, lips no longer swollen but still sore and chapped, her tongue burns especially on the tip on the left side, the white spots are still there, and the throat doesn't hurt as much as she thought she would but it still has that weird uncomfortable feeling and if she opens her mouth too wide she says she can feel it hurt.

She's now stopped taking all medication because they prescribed so many different things she doesn't even know which she should take and has just been putting ice. Because she's been seen by 3 different people and none have given a definite answer and she's still in pain she says she doesn't wanna go to the ER because they'll tell her it's nothing and to go home.

She's never had this before and the only known allergy she has is to seafood but she hasn't had any of that. She's got sensitive gums and some tooth problems, hence why she's going to the dentist regularly but she's always had that and never had this before.

Something that frequently comes up on Google searches and that kinda fits the symptoms is canker sores but I don't know how canker sores would cause all this, especially the sensitive tongue or the sore-ish throat. I also find it weird that 3 different people looked at her including a dentist and didn't see anything.

Please help in any way you can, I'm worried.

#2 annette



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Posted 25 July 2019 - 09:34 AM

After doing a dental procedure last Tuesday, on Wednesday she started feeling pain on the inside of her lower lip, nothing too much but persistent 24/7 pain.


Sounds like she has got some serious allergy or side effects from the past dental work. 
It is unclear whether she consulted the same doc or not, if it is a no, then go back to the same dentist ASAP!
If it is yes, then you could have continued the treatment from the same doc instead of switching to other clinics!
Gingivitis is a form of gum disease that happens when plaque builds up on teeth and causes the inflammation of the surrounding gum tissue! Unfortunately, from your explanation, I don't think it is a plaque issue at the same time I'm no one to give an accurate judgement in this!
From your description, I got a picture of a critical disease condition, if so fetch your girlfriend to a certified doctor asap, I mean a doctor not specifically a dentist!
There are a lot of risks involved in self-medication!
Hope you both feel better soon!

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