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anxiety and my stomach

anxiety stress chest pain panic fear dizziness illusions

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Posted 14 May 2019 - 05:47 AM

so 3 months ago, i felt my heart and chest hurts, i was so scared that i ran to an emergency because i thought i'm having a heart problem. the doctor said every thing was perfect after an x-ray of my chest and an electrocardiogram, and i went back home.
days after i always start feeling dizzy and sweaty and about to faint. so again i went back to that same emergency where the doctor asked a troponin analyse which was great as well . and then suddenly everything is gone. it was 2 weeks of holidays in my parents house that i didn't feel anything was wrong just a little bit of chest pain.
when i got back to the city where i study the feeling started to grow again. i read on the internet that a chest pain can be caused by gas and reflux ,and it started seeming right because my stomach always looks like a balloon and when i lie on my left side i can feel my colon trying to leave my stomach. but i still feel dizzy and about to faint and my throat hurts sometimes and my left hand feels dizzy and my chest feels tight and i hradly breath as well ,that nothing made sensi went to see a cardiology specialist, and again, he said everything was ok. i was smoking about 25 cigarettes per day and now i only smoke about 8/9 maybe less. but nothing changed yet.
i went to do an analyse of NFS and a lot of other stuffs, and you guessed well , everything was okey ... exept of a high rate (not too much) of hymoglobine and that's normal since i am a smoker. i was sincerally expecting anemia or diabetic problems but the analyse was perfect.
after that i went to a gastroenterologist and i told him everything, so he said you have stress and anxiety problems which cause your stomach to throw harmful gas and acide in your colon and throat what causes heart and chest pain and that all the dizziness i felt and sweating were anxiety and panic attacks and psycological illusions because i always think that my hearts has a problem and i'm about to die and the more i thought that way the more that feeling grows. and he gave me a stress and anxiety medicins and others for digestion and acids, and some magnesium pills. 
for a moment i thought i was healing but no, the feeling of dizziness and shaking and headache and panic attacks and stress and sweat and strange left hand and chest pain started to be back again. less strong and less frequent but they still exist. i am convinced that maybe 75% of what i feel is fear and anxiety , just some psychological illusions. but who knows ...
i would like to share this, and see if anyone of you had a commun situation, i'm waiting for you responds :D

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