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Bone Marrow Edema revalidation?

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Posted 04 May 2019 - 05:52 PM

Hi all,

So, I’m a football (soccer) player. During pre-season (late august) last summer I played 5 games in 7 days. When I wanted to warm up for the next game a week later, I felt pain in the distal and lateral area of my right tibial tuberosity. I thought I could play, so I did and I played the whole game. By the end of the game, I could hardly run and my knee started to give way some times. I visited a doctor and she didn’t really know what was wrong, she sent me to hospital to get an RX but nothing to be seen of course. I realized this might be bone marrow edema and thought that I might have been overloading things the last few weeks of pre-season, so I visited my doctor again and I got an MRI a few weeks later (during those weeks I didn’t play games but I still tried to go to training…). Results came and it confirmed to be bone marrow edema. So I decided to rest, take NSAIDs for a week and put ice on my tibia. After a few weeks I tried to train but I felt pain after 5 to 10 minutes so I went back home.

Another few weeks laters (we’re January now) I wanted to give it another try but felt pain again after 30 minutes. I decided to rest some more and took vitamin D for a few weeks, since it increases bone density.

Now, the season is over, I didn’t play any competitive game, and I want to start training again to get ready in time for the next season. I went for a run yesterday (4 times 2:30 minutes, 1 minute rest in between) and felt something again during the last 10 seconds of the last 2:30min bout. I was wondering if I could get any advice on a rehab program and whether I should start exercising again (since I still felt something yesterday, even after 8 months…)

note: with rest I mean total rest, I did not do any kind of exercise except for some core stability exercises.


note2: I had shin splints 2 years ago in the same tibia, my Tibialis Anterior is also very sensitive and tense. Could this be a reason why recovery takes that long? and should I get myself a foam roller? Or are there any other things I should do?

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