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Nerve Pain in Head

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#1 Guest_Andy_*

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Posted 07 March 2019 - 10:35 AM

So I am a 13 year old male, and from about when I was 6 or so, I had this strange occasional pain on the top right side of my head. It was a sharp pain for 1 second that dulled into a tingling, numbing pain for another 20-45 seconds. It happens when I turn my head to the right. I can feel the pressure building up, then releases and causes pain. Sometimes, I can feel the pressure build up and turn my head left to disperse the pressure. Then the pressure disappears. Then I can turn my head freely and the pressure will not come back. Most times, however, I turn my head far too quickly for me to feel the build up, therefore causing spontaneous pain. Note that this only happens to the right side of my head, not the left. The spacing between each episode is totally random, sometimes it would happen once a month, sometimes twice a day, though it is more of the former than the latter. Recently, a few months ago, the pain became more widespread. A particularly bad episode cause my tongue to become tingly and numb, as well as tears forming in my eyes (though it might be from the pain). Please note I am very active, exercising 2+ hours every day. I did some research related to occipital neuralgia, but dismissed it as the websites compared it to a headache, contrary to my brief episodes. Though I had dismissed it, the region affected by occipital neuralgia seem about right. Any suggestions?

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