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Does anti-snore appliances reduce snoring?

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#1 Hazel12



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Posted 26 July 2017 - 05:20 PM

Hey, It’s been 2 years since our marriage. He is my best friend since childhood days. Even though we liked each other, we didn’t say it. Finally, it was he who confessed the love. I was so happy to hear it. So, we dated for another 2 years and finally, we got married.

We are leading a happy life now. The only problem I have felt is his snoring. It has been only a few months since it became a little serious. I talked to him about this and he was sad to hear when he realized that I was not able to sleep properly.

He tried changing his sleep positions but it didn’t help much. I have heard that persons having overweight have the snoring problem. But he is fit and is having the correct weight to height proportion. Then what could be the reason behind this? I heard about anti-snore appliances that would help to reduce snoring habit. I don’t know how effective it would be. But he said that he is going to try it out. For that, we are planning to take help from general dentistry services from Edmonton.

Can anyone share tips to reduce snoring? Does yoga help in this matter? Please share your thoughts in comments.

#2 bharathi



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Posted 10 May 2018 - 05:46 PM

First find out the reason of snoring.overweight is the main reason for snoring but as you said he's fit and find there may be other reasons behind this,You may have congenital fissure, throat issues, broadened adenoids and other similar inherited or acquired physical issues. Some treatment or throat activities may help which you must discover and practice. 

Do you smoke, drink or take medication? -Excessive liquor, smoking or some specific medicines can lead to snoring. The problem may resolve after leaving these habits.
Is your sleeping posture a contributor? Change the way you sleep and see the difference. Sometimes the sleeping postures may also lead to the constriction of the airways and making you snore. Elevate neck to at least four inches for easy breathing and relaxing your neck and throat region. Use good quality cushions that make sure that your neck muscles are free and not frilled. 
Clear nostrils before bedtime: if you have stuffy nose due to a cold, a regular sinus problem or allergies to dust, pets, or smell, make sure to clear your nostrils before you go to bed using nasal decongestants or nasal strips. Also, remove the irritants from the room, if any.

A visit to an ENT specialist would help you identify the right causes of your snoring and how to stop snoring. 

#3 Guest_chukey_*

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Posted 23 January 2020 - 02:24 PM

Preventive measures to stop snoring
The hygiene of life
Lose weight : Losing weight can reduce the fatty tissue in the back of the throat and decrease or even stop snoring.
Stop smoking : If you smoke, your chances of snoring are high. Smoking irritates the membranes of the nose and throat, which can block the airways and cause snoring.
Avoid alcohol, sleeping pills and sedatives because they relax the throat muscles and interfere with breathing. Make sure you are not taking a drug that promotes deeper sleep and that can make snoring worse. No more alcohol after 4 p.m.
Be careful what you eat before bed . Research shows that eating a large meal or consuming certain foods like dairy or soy milk just before bedtime can make snoring worse.
physical exercise: Even if it doesn't cause weight loss, you will tone various muscles in your body, including your arms and abs. They help tone your throat muscles, which can reduce snoring. There are also specific exercises you can do to strengthen your throat muscles to stop snoring.
Change your Sleeping position: 
There are many other options are available to stop snoring, those are anti-snoring pillows,Anti Snore Chin Strap,Anti Snoring & Air Purifier, silence anti snoring spray and nose clip. 

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