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Posted 12 April 2016 - 06:16 PM

When flu season hits, and you or your loved one feel something coming on, you would usually drag yourself out of bed, call your doctor to schedule an appointment, drive to the hospital and sit in a waiting room. Is it really necessary to have to take off work to sit with a bunch of sick people for god knows how long just to get a prescription?   Sitting there with an orchestra of sneezes, sniffles and coughs you might start wondering if there is some way around all this. Tyto, an Israeli company, might just have the answer.


Telemedicine trends

 This new innovation doesn’t come as a surprise to Team BiMedis. We’ve already featured a review of telemedicine trends so we’ve already had a taste of what’s to come. Telemedicine and telehealth are slated to continue growing as new state-of-the-art devices and programs are developed to improve public health on the whole. With telemedine you can get a diagnosis from a highly qualified specialist halfway around the world. Alternatively, with TytoСare, you have the opportunity to consult with the doctor you trust, via Tyto’s software.

The TytoCare solution

The genus of owls, Tyto, includes all barn owls. Ancient Greeks believed the owl to be a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, so it’s no wonder that a device that can perform a high quality clinical examination would be named after it. TytoCare is a thought-out, multipurpose system that will save you time and money and will give you peace of mind. The basic home kit consists of a modular device with a stethoscope, otoscope and special camera. TytoCare is able to auscultate the heart and lungs, peer into the ear, and take high resolution pictures of the mouth and throat, skin, and eyes. It also has a built-in thermometer (probably infrared) that can be simply swiped on the forehead to get an accurate temperature reading. The platform also includes a smart guidance system that gives you audio and visual cues to let you know that you’ve got the best possible picture and sounds.

Read More Here: http://bimedis.com/l...tients-remotely


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