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Fishy Penis Smell

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Posted 11 February 2020 - 05:31 PM

So I'm kinda at wits end about this. I had unprotected sex with a girl I was seeing and immediately noticed she had a very strong unpleasant fishy odour, definetely not normal. We were seeing each other and I kinda thought it could just potentially be a bad day or something so didnt think to enquire.. Anyway we had sex again and the smell was present again. I brought this up to her and told her I thought it might be BV, so she went and got treatment but never diagnosed, we had sex with a condom after this but it was still there. After having sex with her the second time, i almost immediately noticed my penis now had an unpleasant fishy smell, especially after ejaculating and not showering. Things ended on not good terms with the girl I was seeing pretty quickly and I then went to a sexual health clinic to tell them about my problem, but even after multiple visits they haven't found anything. They tested for chlamydia, ghonarhea, Herpes and HIV and did a swap from inside my urethra. I've been to my GP and a urologist who still can't tell me anything, the best result was when my GP who didn't have a clue himself prescribed me cream for BV, which did actually make a difference for a few days but then the smell came back. I keep being told I just need to wash properly and I'm kinda offended tbh, I know the smell is there, its terrible, I have a girlfriend now who I've been honest about this with since the start who notices the smell and says it's really bad and knows its not normal. I'm posting this to see if there's anyone who might have any knowledge whatsoever on my situation or anyone who may have experienced the same problem. People usually say to go see a doctor, but I have multiple times to no avail and its actually really starting to affect me mentally as well.

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