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Inflamed or Enlarged Gallbladder and Colitis

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Posted 04 February 2020 - 03:28 AM

I went to the ER recently after 5ish days of having multiple issues abdominal cramps/pain, diarrhea, nausea/throwing up a few times but 2-3 times each time back to back, and very frequent urination. At the end of the visit, I was asked something along the lines of if I had Gallstones or had any removed (cant recall exactly). I had blood work done and a CT scan, so I would think they would know if I had Gallstones or if a CT scan just showed my Gallbladder was inflamed/enlarged which "could" indicate if I had or have them to ask that idk, and suggested that they do "something" idk if its Gallbladder surgery to remove it or to "treat" it.

When I got home and went through the paperwork it said for diagnostics that I have an Inflamed or Enlarged Gallbladder (cant recall which offhand atm) and Colitis, and been having abdominal cramps/pain and diarrhea what seems like every 1-2 months for like 10 years that last a day or 2 that is intense pain, but also have more frequent lesser painful attacks that are variable in amount of time. I had a colonoscopy and an upper endoscopy back in 2010-2012 that all I got from it was I was a little red in my colon and esophagus (I assume they found nothing wrong like all the other times I went to doctors and thought this was just from the miralax in preparation for the tests) Now I finally got some news that I do have a problem.

Could this Inflamed or Enlarged Gallbladder and Colitis be the cause for these 10 years of pain, or most likely just from this 5ish day hell i went through with the other symptoms that i only had (except the frequent urination) back in 2010/2012 when i had the colonoscopy and upper endoscopy? Or could the 10 years of pain be IBS that the proctologist said I "might" have and this inflamed/enlarged Gallbladder and Colitis be new?

Now I did not just go and have the surgery done since I'm uninsured and have no money or a job right now to have it done and was told they know but should still have it done today(the day of the visit) or very soon like the next day (had to consult  family on account of this) and was told something like if I dont and wait till i have this same 5ish day "attack" i would need serious surgery (or something again cant recall exactly). I looked up Inflamed/enlarged Gallbladder and know of 2 different surgeries which leads me to think the "something" that should be done that day was surgery but the better one where they do like 4 small incisions rather then the 1 5-7inch one straight down the stomach.

I got off track so many times writing this post and redoing/adding info, so if you need more clarification on any parts for it to make more sense please ask away. Main question is could this recent extreme attack be the cause of the past pains for the last 10 years that was not diagnosed correctly be it not getting a CT scan but a colonoscopy instead that could not have seen the issue that this CT scan did or a separate issue that I'll still have the abdominal pain/diarrhea after having my Gallbladder removed? Another question would be how much of a change in diet after having this surgery since the gallbladder stores the bile to digest fatty foods that the liver makes and if its a big change how to know how much fatty food i can have in a day/at a time?

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