Where Does the Soul and Spirit go After Death?

Definitely, death is not the end of one’s life, it is just a departure of the soul from the body. The soul leaves the body to go to the spiritual world. It is the final destination for the soul after life. In today’s world, people are curious to know about life after death and souls. But all this is not taught at any schools. We Indian follow various religions, each religion has their own facts and information about

Where Do the Soul and Spirit go After Death?

It is said that during the initial 7 days the souls of the dead person remains close to the place where the person has lived, it also follows the routine and lifestyle that he/she used to do on regular basis. The destination of the soul varies and it can be divided into three categories.
life after death

1. The soul cannot start their journey to the spirit world since they have lived with a materialistic view of life, they are emotionally attracted to the life or something in this world and find it difficult to let it go.

2. Some souls fall directly to the hell, since while living on earth then already lead a life full of evil and bad deeds. They could be possessed by 4-5 hell spirits during the time of death. It is very difficult for the souls to make a normal departure to the other world so they go down to the deep hell.

3. Some souls move to the spirit world with the help of spirit guide. It is said that many souls wander around their house during the initial 7 days after their body dies. A spirit guide comes to help them and gives them a realization that they are dead already. This spirit guide can be a friends, parents, spring who have died earlier.
What happens when someone dies

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Hinduism View on Where Do the Soul and Spirit go After Death

As per Hinduism, there are several changes through which an individual goes through. It is said that when the soul leaves the body to death, the last breath follows it when last breath leaves the body all the organs follow it. The soul leaves the body and makes it to another new and better form.Hinduism follows 4 courses that a person follows after death.

Where does the soul goes after it leaves the body

The first one is deva-yana, it followed by spiritual souls and those who have to lead a pure life. This soul directly reaches to the gods. As per pitri yana, they cherish their desire based on their charity, vows and worships. They leave to Chandra Loka and enjoy happiness as a reward for their good deeds.

what happens when someone dies , where the soul goes?

Those who have led an impure life performing wrong deeds fall into the 3rd category as a sub-human species and paying for their action they reborn as humans. People are born as small creatures like mosquitoes and flies in the fourth course. They are reborn again and again due to their vile actions and thoughts.

Christianity View on Where Do the Soul and Spirit go After Death

As per bible when an individual dies it is compared to sleep and unconscious state. They are not aware of time or anything that is going around. Death is the opposite of life and it is mentioned in the Bible. As per the Bible, it is said that the body turns back into dust and return to the earth and the soul returns to the God who gave life. The spirit of every individual good or bad returns to the god after death.

What happens to souls and spirit after death

As per Christianity, a soul is a living thing and it is the combination of body and breath. A body without a breath is not considered as soul hence the soul also dies. The dead souls do not go to hell or heaven they will sleep till the end of the world as per God’s choice.

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Islamic View on Where Do the Soul and Spirit go After Death

As per holy Kuran, every soul has to die and the time of death is fixed for everyone. At the time of birth, every single person’s age is fixed and it cannot be increased or decreased by any means. According to Islam individual dying looks to his or her left and right side, they see angles everywhere. Angles of mercy and angels of punishment appears during death.

What happens when an individual dies, where does the spirit goes

A good soul is taken with respect to the angles of mercy whereas a bad soul is taken away with great pain and disgrace. Once dead, the soul does not enter into any other body and reborn. The soul neither dies, it always remains connected to the body even after death.

Buddhism View on Where Do the Soul and Spirit go After Death

As per Buddhism, the death is not the end of life, it is just end of the body. The spirit remains and looks for a connection with a  new body and a new life. The person will reborn in 1 of any 6 realms. They are heaven, humans, Rakshasa, hungry devil, animal, and hell.

life after death, what actually happens

Everything happing in our lives is a result of Karma and each action creates a new karma. Based on the Karma the spirit of the dead person will reborn in any of 6 realms.

Scientific View on Where Do the Soul and Spirit go After Death

As per medical science, the death happens in two stages. The initial one is clinical death and it usually is for 4-7 minutes. It is calculated from the time the person stops breathing and heart halts the blood pumping. At this stage, the organs functions and are well alive. Enough oxygen remains in the brain so that no permanent damage happens.The second stage of death is the biological death when all the organs of the body stop functions and all the body cells degenerate.

 Where Do the Soul and Spirit go After Death

After the biological death the muscles start to relax, the skin loses it color and blood flow at a low rate. It causes red and purple bruising all over the body. Additionally, the body is stiff, this is due to calcium leakage into the muscle cells. It combines along with the protein and it causes contraction.

Now you know where do the soul and spirit go after death?

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