What is Airbrush Makeup? How to do Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrush makeup, truly an effortless and simple makeup in a gun! Airbrush makeup is not a complicated type of makeup. It is a common mis-belief that only pros can perform this makeup to perfection! It is so wrong. Anyone who loves to enhance the facial beauty, highlight the impressive parts as well hide the flaws can go easy with airbrush makeup! Here is your comprehensive guide on Airbrush Makeup!

What is Airbrush Makeup

What is Airbrush Makeup?

What is actually an airbrush makeup? The way the makeup is applied makes airbrush makeup distinctive! Cosmetics are applied on face in many ways. A few uses sponges to apply the makeup! Every makeup product comes with unique brush and the respective brushes are used to apply the makeup! To name a few blush brush, eye brush, etc! Rather, a few apply the cosmetics simply by hand. For instance, applying concealer, foundation, etc!  These are conventional methods of makeup application! Airbrush makeup is a modern and easy way! Ditching all those messy brushes, the makeup is applied using an airbrush!

The makeup mixed with air is applied using a compressor on the face through a nozzle. The nozzle releases a fine mist! The micro-mini bits of makeup blended with air perfectly settles on the skin! Simply, the makeup is just sprayed on the skin! It looks more natural and doesn’t give a cakey appearance! Besides, the nozzles of airbrush are very thin. A very thin coating of makeup application is possible with ease! It prevents application of layers of makeup, which in turn protects the skin as well make less mess with makeup. It is almost one third to one tenth thinner than hand makeup!

Airbrush makeup technique was introduced in the year 1959. It was a popular form of makeup in the film industry and among the theater artists.

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How to do Airbrush Makeup?

For quite a long period, the secrets and tips on applying airbrush makeup has been kept a secret and held tight by pros. However, the scenario has changed!

Just like we love the HD movie and a HD camera, we do fall for the HD makeup! Application and cleaning the makeup is quite easy. Due to easiness, it has been widely practiced in the showbiz industry! Airbrush makeup is a boon for those who often try to cover-up the minute pores in the skin, which is made visible through a HD camera! Airbrushing the skin cheats the HD camera and make your skin look unblemished!

Those who have never tried airbrush makeup may find it extremely intimidating. The basic concept of makeup application remains the same, while the method of makeup varies. The makeup kit contains a compressor, a stylus aka airbrush with makeup products.  Air is fed through a hose attached to the compressor. The hose is attached to the airbrush. The airbrush releases the mix of makeup and air when it is triggered! Just like applying the water color splash on holi!

Two types of airbrushes are available!

  1. First is a single action brush where the brush comes with a pre-filled mix of makeup and air! You can simply apply the makeup!
  2. Second one is a dual action brush where you can control the air and makeup mix!

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Set the airbrush compressor at low or medium mode.  If you are a novice, always go for low! Mix the foundation well and put around 10 drops of foundation mix to the brush. Do a test batch! Keep the airbrush around 6 to 10 inches away from the skin! Try to follow circular motion to spray the foundation on the skin! Make sure to make the even counts on both sides of the face. Don’t see your skin with light as it might cover the uneven application. Don’t look for the evenness in the initial stages, rather look for the ideal color of you intend.

Remember to apply the foundation down to the neckline to get an even skin tone.

Specific airbrush makeup products are available in the market place. You cannot use the conventional products to use airbrushing technique.


When you wish to contour your skin to define your makeup, pick a mild darker shade than shade of your foundation! Add around 4 to 6 drops into the vial. Don’t overboard with contouring!

Start from the hairline and apply towards the jaw line. Smile when you apply to contour the cheekbones perfectly! Apply a very small amount of spray on your nose rolling down from top to down.

Always go for a single layer to get the perfect contouring! You can also add a warm glow to your face by spraying the thin layer of makeup on your forehead and neckline by holding the machine at a distance of about 10 inches.


Accentuating the attractive parts in your face enhances the charm and creates an appeasing personality. Always choose a shade or two lighter than your foundation! For instance, pearly shades are perfect for highlighting!

Mix around 4 to 6 drops of highlighter on the vial. Apply the highlighter starting from the top of cheekbone and moving towards hairline. Spray mild amount of highlighter on your chin to define your jawline.

Follow the similar techniques for blushing and highlighting. Especially, when it comes to blushing, spray the makeup carefully on the cheeks!

Airbrush Makeup Tips and Tricks

Just like different types of cosmetics, airbrush makeup systems are many. For instance, silicone based makeup, water based makeup, alcohol based, etc. Silicone and alcohol may irritate a few types of skin. When you prefer airbrush makeup, make sure to find the right type of makeup system. The secret of getting the defined look depends more on the type of airbrush makeup you choose!

Water based airbrush makeup feels extremely light on skin! It gives a matte finish on your skin!

Silicone based makeup will give a high definition look on your face, yet it is does not appear good to the camera eyes! You may carry unnecessary reflections on your face when the flash sparkles at you!

Alcohol based airbrush makeup is the superior form of airbrush makeup and can stay without any gliding for more than 48 hours! Yet, due to high alcohol content, it is advisable not to use it on skin often!

While airbrush makeup creates a dazzling outlook, it is not for everyone! It is not ideal for extremely dry and parched skin as a gel based makeup looks great on the dry skin. However, airbrush makeup is just perfect for patchy skin with uneven skin tone! You can just spray some extra makeup on the patches to cover-up the blemishes!

Airbrush Makeup Tips and Tricks

  1. Wash your face and pat it dry!
  2. Choose the makeup products according to your skin type
  3. Airbrush makeup can be done best when you do it on others or vice versa.
  4. If you want to apply layers of makeup, make sure to dry the first layer and proceed with applying second layer!
  5. Before you start applying the makeup, always try a test batch! Spray the airbrush at back of your palm to ensure the makeup is sprayed without any lumps.
  6. Airbrush makeup is a unique formulation completely different from normal makeup products. While it is very easy to remove or correct the flaws with traditional makeup, it is a bit difficult to correct the imperfections.
  7. Always apply your concealer before you apply foundation with airbrush! Concealer after foundation may simply ruin it all!
  8. You can easily cover the dark circles and mild freckles on your skin!
  9. Remember not to spray the makeup into the eyes!
  10. Don’t exhale the airbrush makeup.
  11. Beginners can make up of body art or makeup stencils to perfect the application.
  12. It is actually the pressure of the airbrush that makes or breaks the application. Greater is the pressure on compressor, larger area is covered.
  13. Never ever try to mix up two different formulas! For instance, water based foundation with alcohol based makeup.

Airbrush Makeup Kit

Airbrush Makeup Tips and Tricks

Airbrush makeup ingredients differ with traditional cosmetics. The formulation of the makeup also widely varies.

Airbrush makeup kit can be called a flawless complexion kit! A basic kit contains a compressor, air brush, hoze and vial or vials for adding liquid makeup! Some kits come with basic foundation in single shade as well in multiple shades! Buy the makeup kit that suits your actual requirements.

You may look for an airbrush makeup kit that comes with foundations in at least three shades, and with a handy CD on how to apply airbrush makeup. You have special kits for summer and exclusive bridal kits! An average airbrush makeup kit comes with a makeup system, foundation air pod, highlighter, blush and packed in a beautiful handy bag!

Most of the airbrush makeup kit comes with a warranty of minimum 1 year.

Airbrush Makeup Machine

Choosing the right airbrush makeup machine and kit may be difficult for many beginners. Due to availability of number of machines in the market, most beginners find it too hard to choose the right one. Yet, it will definitely be an asset added to your makeup kit!  The machine is quite compact and can be carried anywhere. You can get the best shot of makeup with airbrush makeup machine!

Airbrush makeup machine

Airbrush makeup machine also helps covering the body to get an even skin tone and a flawless finish!

Don’t always go for expensive an airbrush makeup machine. These machines are available at cheaper price. The branded machines are also available at an affordable price.

As said earlier, the major element you should consider in buying the airbrush is single action airbrush and a double action airbrush. The latter is a little costlier than the former, yet it is easy to use.

Go for airbrush makeup to get the flawlessly natural you!

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