Does Honey and Cinnamon Help Acne Scars?

Does honey and cinnamon help acne scars

Acne aka zits! How awful is that? Definitely, that’s not something you would like to pop in your face. The appearance of a single bump (acne) can ruin your appearance to a great extent. So, what’s worse than acne? Well, acne scars. Acne scars are the leftovers and reminders that always taunt you that you […]

Non Invasive and Invasive Medical Procedures

Non Invasive and Invasive Medical Procedures

Many medical procedures have been invented as a savior to life. The medical procedures are performed to identify / diagnose many health conditions, from fractures to degenerative diseases! Medical procedures can be broadly classified into two, non-invasive procedures and invasive procedures. Here is your simple guide to indentify the difference between the two. Non Invasive […]

What is Dialysis ? Who needs Dialysis ? What are the Types of Dialysis

What is Dialysis Who needs Dialysis What are the Types of Dialysis

Dialysis – An Overview Dialysis is the process of removal of waste from the body. Diffusion of waste from the blood is performed by kidneys. It is an artificial excretory process. Kidneys excrete the waste from the body through diffusion, removal of wastes and ultra-filtration, removal of fluids. It is a natural process that occurs […]

5 Different Types Treatment for Hair Loss

Treatment for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common condition that affects both men and women. Surprisingly, men are greatly affected by hair loss and baldness than women. A good understanding about the hair loss helps identifying the ideal hair loss treatment. Hair fall is quite different from hair loss. While the falling of hair, a few strands can […]

Heart Transplant – What is congestive heart failure

Heart Transplant

[dropcap type=”circle” color=”#fff” background=”#4dbd3e”][/dropcap] Heart Transplant The medical and healthcare industry has grown extensively with so many advancements and futuristic therapies. The advanced treatment options act as savior of thousands of lives of people. One such recent advancement in the medical industry is organ transplant. The epic of this organ transplant procedure is heart transplant. It […]

Kidney Transplant – What You Should Know

Kidney Transplant In India

Kidney transplant refers to transfer of one kidney of a healthy person to another person who suffers chronic kidney diseases, from little or no kidney function. The person who offers the kidney is called the donor. [dropcap type=”circle” color=”#fff” background=”#4dbd3e”][/dropcap] When Kidney Transplant is recommended? The primary role of the kidneys is to filter the waste […]