10 Best Ways to Lose Weight Fast


Losing weight need not be something associated with taking very less amount of foods, involve in fad diet, go for heavy workouts for several hours a day, etc. Dropping off a few pounds and getting a shaped physique is all done with incorporating a few facts in the daily life. Here is the list of 10 effective ways to lose weight easily.

1. Walk everyday

While we don’t neglect eating and sleeping every day, we should not ignore walking. You need not spend specific time for walking in the early morning or evening. You can easily incorporate in the daily routine by ignoring the lift, taking a walk to shop for groceries, etc.

2. Watch your portion

Eating 6 to 8 small portion meals several times a day is healthier and assist in weight loss, than eating three large meals a day. Watch the quantity of food you eat.

3. Eat breakfast

Skipping breakfast is the major cause of weight gain. Skipping breakfast never help you gain on cutting down calories, rather make you eat more during lunch.

4. Yoga


A best method to lose weight, which can bring long term results. You cannot expect to lose pounds with yoga in a few days. Even though it takes a good amount of time to lose pounds, you can have the long term results with shaped and flexible physique. Moreover, yoga also improves your lifestyle.

5. High intensity workouts

If you have no time to visit a fitness centre or workout for atleast an hour, just go with high intensity workouts. High intensity workouts actually provide better results in shedding pounds than exercising for a longer time. Doing these for around 3 – 5 minutes is sufficient to achieve your weight loss goals.

6. Swimming

Not everyone who wishes to lose weight prefers swimming as one of the effective weight loss solutions. Swimming rather help you shed your weight quickly than other weight loss regimes together with shaping the body with flattering curves.

7. Get fibers in your dietfibers in your diet

It may sound like a grandma preaching you on healthy eating. Eating foods rich in fibers brings in loads of miraculous benefits in losing weight. Fibers don’t contain calories, no fat and no carb. Also, it makes the stomach fuller without depriving the energy. Switch the white rice with red or brown rice, go for whole grains, nuts and spices, green tea or black coffee over milked drinks, etc.

8. Drink water and say no to other liquids

Well, we all have heard that drinking lots of liquids assist in losing weight. The fact is true and false! Yes, drink as much of water as you can, but stay away from other liquids, like soda, alcohol, coffee, tea and even juices. Removing the other liquids from your diet, which is replaced by water, makes a lot of difference. Bored of drinking the tasteless water? Add lemon or orange or cucumber, to make it delicious. You can cut down the liquid calories accumulated with liquids.

9. Eat for energy not for pleasure

Eat only when you’re really hungry, to gain energy. Fuel yourself with foods and don’t eat anything just because it is delicious or it is your favorite foods.

10. Get and set the realistic goals

This is the most important fact that you should consider. You cannot do something to shed 20 pounds in a week and it is a mere hype. Shedding around 1 – 3 pounds a week is the ideal weight loss goal, and plan your goal the more realistic way.


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