7 Reasons You Always Feel Sleepy No Matter How Much Sleep You Get

At a time you may feel very sleepy and tired. Even after sleep for a good number of hours do you feel extremely sleepy,  lethargic and sluggish and tired? It is just not about good sleep but the main reason is you are not getting a quality sleep. We all very well know that quality is more important than quantity. A good night sleep is very important to have great energy next day.

We usually blame our lifestyle for being sleepy and restless all the time. More or less, our lifestyle has a major impact on our sleep pattern. If you are always finding yourself sleepy and are struggling to keep yourself high on energy then it can have a bad impact on your hormones, routine, diet and mental health.  A high-quality sleep is very essential to feel energetic and happy.  Below are the

7 Reasons Why You Always Feel Sleepy

1.  Lifestyle Changes

Everyone is today busy and works in a desk job round the clock, it is very common for many to have a sedentary lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle is a lifestyle pattern where very less physical activities are involved.  The day long sitting can cause soreness and pain in the neck region. An individual can also suffer from headaches, back pain.

Long desk jobs affect sleep in a bad way

You may have a feeling of always being tired, mood swings, fatigue, weight gain, muscle cramp etc.In addition to it, technology has a bad effect on the sleep. Electronic devices like television, smart phones, computers can take a toll on regular human functioning. It severely affects the quality of sleep and timing.
Always feel sleepy after getting full sleep

Insufficient physical activity, weight gain and poor diet also add to this behavioral lifestyle. No matter how much you sleep, at the end, you will feel always tired, lack in energy and sleepy. A regular exercise can boost the hormones and increases insulin resistance all this will promote better sleep.

You feel sleepy even after getting sleep

Exercise is the best way to energize your body. If you are working out regularly your body will release endorphins, this will increase the stamina and reduces mood swings. The best advantage of being more active physically is getting a peaceful and relaxed sleep at night.

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2. Anemia

Exhaustion can be caused by anemia. Being anemic is a healthy condition when your body produces less number of red blood cells, the main function of theses red blood cell is to get oxygen from the lungs and supply it to cells and tissues.

Feeling fatigue even after getting 8 hours sleep

When the count of RBC is less you would experience weakness and shortness in breath. Anemia is caused due to iron deficiency, internal bleeding, rheumatoid arthritis, kidney failure, cancer etc. Anemia occurs when the red blood cells in your blood are not healthy, Hemoglobin is the main component in red blood cells and they are responsible for supplying the oxygen in all organs for their proper functioning.

Always feeling sleepy

If the red blood cells count is low then the hemoglobin also will be less and the other vital body organs will not get necessary oxygen for their functioning. Amenia can cause fatigue, this can be the reason that you always feel sleepy no matter how much sleep you get.

Always sleepy

Anemia common occurs among women, young children. Some types anemia can also be hereditary and fetus can be affected during the birth. The old age people have a high risk of developing anemia, this is generally due to poor diet and medications.

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 3. Diabetes

Every year millions of people are tested positive for type 2 diabetics. Diabetes is a metabolic condition when a person has high blood sugar. This is generally due to the lack of insulin products or the cells present in the body does not react to the insulin, sometimes both can be the reason of diabetes.

Sleep deprived

Those who are diabetic they always feel tired and lack energy for the smooth functioning of the body. The sad part is diabetes is a long-term condition and it requires medical treatment.There are 3 types of diabetes. In type 1 diabetes the body stops producing insulin, it is also known as insulin-dependent diabetes. Mostly adults and teenagers suffer from Type 1 diabetes.

Fatigue and sleeplessness

When the body doesn’t produce enough insulin for cell functioning then it is a case of Type 2 diabetes. The body usually stops reacting to insulin. 90% diabetes cases are of Type 2. It starts with excessive weight loss and fatigue in spite of following a balanced healthy diet.

Loss of sleep due to Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes affects during pregnancy.Some pregnant lady may have more glucose level in their blood and their body can not produce enough insulin to transmit all these glucose into the body organs. This results in an increase in glucose level. Diabetes causes dysfunction in metabolism and that results in fatigues and excessive restlessness. Even after getting 8-10 hours of sleep, you may feel sleepy.

 4. Depression

Depression is a serious illness which has very bad effect on both physical and mental health. Depression can last few weeks, months, it is very difficult to overcome it. Some people suffer for years. Experiencing depression is different for different people. There is no specific blood work for depression but it can be easily identified by health professional by asking a set of questions.

Depression affects the sleep

The individual suffering from depression has less energy, change in sleeping pattern, lack of interest everything, excessive eating, brain fog, memory and concentration issues, negativity. They usually have a sense of worthlessness and hopelessness in everything they do. In addition to it, a person suffering from depression can get too little or too much of sleep, they are anxious, sad, moody, low in energy.

Depression And anxiety affects the sleep , you may always feel sleepy

They usually have disturbed sleep, this will make them sleepy all the time.Apart from sleeplessness and fatigue people might have other physical issues like stomach aches, painful headaches, dizziness, insomnia, trouble in concentrating or digestive issues.

No matter how much you sleep, you feel sleepy

The depression should be treated as quickly as possible, it will reduce further damage. It takes a huge time to come out of it.

 5. Dehydration

Another main reason of fatigue can be dehydration. It can occur due to loss of body fluids and essential minerals. Thirst occurs when te body is dehydrated. Lack of essential electrolytes can cause weakness and feeling tiredness.

Dehydration leads to sleplessness

If you are dehydrated even after 8 hours of sleep, you may feel sleepy. Several people prefer to drink soda and beverages instead of regular water, this is a common cause of dehydration. this will also increase the blood sugar level and the cells won’t get enough water to function smoothly. Vomiting, sweating, loose motion, stress can also cause dehydration.
Always feeling sleepy

Sodium, potassium, chloride, and bicarbonate are essential electrolytes present in our body. They provide energy to the body to function organs and cells seamlessly.

Not getting quality sleep

Organs like brain, heart and nervous system demand a high quality of electrolyte and water. When the body is dehydrated, your body slower the pace of supplying the oxygen and other nutrients to the brain and other vital organs. This makes you fatigued and lethargic.

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6. Poor Sleep Quality

All the adults require 8-10 hours of consistent sleep every night. A poor sleeping habit can lead to dizziness, fatigue, tiredness, and exhaustion. A deep and uninterrupted sleep is very important for long-term health benefits.

Poor Sleep Quality affecting sleep

A good sleeping pattern can be interrupted due to poor diet, stress, alcohol consumption, mood swings, chronic pain, worry, jet lag, shift based job, an environmental disturbance like noise, temperature etc.

Dizziness affects the quality of sleep

A sleeping disorder usually occurs when you go to sleep at night but wake during the middle of the night and have difficulty to get a peaceful sleep. A good quality sleep is essential to be energetic and active else you will always feel sleepy no matter how much sleep you get.

sugar rich and carbohydrate rich meals can affect the sleep

A good relaxation technique can be helpful to fall asleep in addition to it a rejuvenate bath can be taken to relax the muscles and ease your mind. Skip sugar rich and carbohydrate rich meals before bedtime, this will keep you up for a long time. Also, reduce the intake of caffeine after noon. Schedule a proper sleep time, it reduces exhaustion and fatigue.

 7.  Thyroid

When the thyroid glands don’t perform their functions well, almost all the regular activities get badly affected. The thyroid gland is located at the front neck region, it looks similar to a knot on man’s ties. Thyroid can cause brain fog and restlessness, and a disorder can easily speed up or slow down the individual’s metabolic activities.
No matter how much you sleep, you always feel sleepy

In addition to the lack of sleep, the thyroid can have an adverse effect on emotions and moods. Thyroid can lead to hair loss, excessive cold or sweat due to heat. An increase in the thyroid can cause high blood pressure and heart palpitations. Thyroid should be treated on time since this gland is responsible for controlling the metabolism of the body.
You always feel sleepy even after getting 8 hour sleep
Thyroid glands are responsible for producing hormones that control the metabolism. Excess of thyroid also known as hyperthyroidism can boost up metabolisms, whereas less thyroid also called as hypothyroidism can slow down the entire metabolism.

The thyroid is usually caused due to improper diet and stress. Few people are intolerant to food items like dairy and gluten. It can also occur due to nutrition deficiency of iodine. Thyroid requires iodine to generate important hormones.

Now you know why you always feel sleepy, does not matter how much sleep you get. If you have any personal problem then please ask in comment section. Our doctors will reply as soon as possible.

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