5 Ways to Eat Moringa Seeds for Weight Loss

Gaining weight is an easy task but shedding the extra weight can be very challenging and is undoubtedly a big deal. Many spend a huge amount to lose weight via chemical treatments, pills and what not. There is several natural and safe method to lose weight. You can natural feel and look slim without spending a fortune. One such amazing method is to use moringa seeds for weight loss.

TAke Moringa Seeds for Weight Loss

Moringa seeds are best for those who are trying to get rid of excess weight naturally and it is also beneficial for those who are diabetic.  Moringa seeds are the perfect option for weight loss, if you are looking for a nutritional economical, natural way to lose weight then start with moringa seeds.

Best way to lose weight using moriga seeds

Moringa seeds are considered as an excellent tonic, it is loaded with vitamins and other nutritional substances like saturated fats and essential oils. in addition to it, they have great antioxidant properties that help to increase energy, cures arthritis, boosts vision and memory.It is a best for those who are suffering from  insomnia. The best part is you will feel energetic and will get a good sleep.
Here are the

5 Ways to Eat Moringa Seeds for Weight Loss

1. Eat Moringa seeds with Banana
Moringa seeds to economically shed weight

Moringa seeds are not good in taste and it is obvious for an individual to hate it. You can eat moringa seeds with a banana, this will subside the taste of moringa seeds and you can easily chew and swallow the seeds. At the same time, you get the benefit of banana as well as moringa seeds. You can also replace the banana with your favorite fruit like apple, pear etc.

How to Prepare it ??
this can be simply done by taking few bites of banana and after munching, it pops the moringa seeds and chews the banana and seeds together. The taste of fruit will still be in your mouth, you can easily chew and swallow the moringa seeds.  It is the best way to use moringa seeds for weight loss. This is the easiest method and it requires zero efforts.

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2. Blend it together with Juices or Smoothies
Moringa seeds to naturally reduce weight

Another method to eat the moringa seeds it to blend it with fruit or vegetable juice. You can prepare a juice of the fruit of vegetable of your choice, simply add the moringa seeds and blend it together with the smoothies. By this method, you will be able to consume the seeds and also can enjoy full benefits.

3. Pop moringa seeds like Popcorn

Natural weight to lose weight using moringa seeds

Moringa seed is best to flush out toxins from the blood stream. They are not good in taste but you can eat the little baby moringa seeds. Apart from that, you can pop out the moringa seeds with butter and salt like pop corns. I can assure you this is the best way to eat moringa seeds for weight loss.

4. Add to a relishing soup/ vegetable stock

mroinga seeds soup to lose weight quickly

You can prepare your favorite soup or vegetable stock and add Moringa seeds at the end, this will a great way to reduce weight using Moringa seeds. This will add more nutritional value to the soup. the moringa seeds will not hamper the taste of soup, in addition to it, you can consume the moringa seeds just like that.

5. Include in Pasta

moringa pasta to lose weight

Prepare a lip-smacking pasta or salad dressing, to that add dry roasted moringa seeds. That’s it, you can relish tasty pasta and Trust me, you will hardly get the taste of moringa seeds

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Guidelines to Eat Moringa Seeds for Weight Loss

Below are some guidelines, that you must follow to get best results.

  • Avoid consumption of moringa seeds for prolonged period
    Reduce weight using moringa seeds

    Do not take moringa seeds for a long duration. Like 40 days at a stretch is also too long. It is recommended to chew moringa seeds in your mouth for few minutes and then swallow them.
  • Over consumption may lead to side effects
    Eat moringa seeds for weight reduction

    Eating one moringa seeds every day for over a year can cause itching and other issues. Avoid doing that. Moringa seeds are the best way to lose weight in a natural way. It is a great substance to enhance quick weight loss. But, always consume the moringa seeds in moderation.
  • Give a break once the target is achieved
    Eat moringa seeds to lose weight

    Take moringa seeds for a month at a stretch and stop the consuming Give a break for a week or two then resume. If you are consuming moringa seeds for some health challenge, give a break as soon as the health challenge ends. Like if you have taken moringa seeds to control your diabetic, you should stop as soon as you achieve the ideal level.
  • Stop once reached the goal
    Moringa seeds for weight loss

    If you have planned to lose 10 kilograms before a vacation or a wedding then you can eat the moringa seeds as per the recommendation. Once you have reached the goal, you must stop.
  • Watch your consumption
    Have limited consumption of moringa seeds for weight loss
    It is advisable to eat a maximum of 3 moringa seeds at a time and that too in 5-7 days.
  • Avoid moringa seeds as first thing in morning
    Eat moringa seeds to reduce weight

    Never eat moringa seeds on an empty stomach. This should not be the first this, especially in morning. Having moringa seeds in the empty stomach may lead to frequent toilet trips.
  • Remove the cover for best results
    Eat moringa seeds for perfect results

    Always peel the cover of mornings seeds, wash the moringa seeds with salt and water in fresh water for 2-3 times.
  • Avoid during Pregnancy
    Moringa seeds must be avoided during pregnancy

    Moringa seeds should not be consumed by pregnant women.  It is best to avoid if you are trying to conceiving.It can affect the fetal development.
  • Keeps you young and healthy
    Moringa seeds to keep you young and healthy

    Apart from weight loss, moringa seeds are best to keep you look good and younger. It keeps constipation at bay. Moringa seeds are a natural source of Vitamin A, iron and Vitamin C. Moringa seeds work gives your healthy eyes, nail and glowing skin and hair.

Do not consider moringa seeds as a medicine, enjoy it as a food.  I have shared 5 best ways to eat moringa seeds. you can try these methods and use moringa seeds for weight loss.

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