How to Live a Stress Free Lifestyle

Stress has become a predominant killer, ruining the life of the people. It almost eats away our lives

leaving deteriorated health, broken relationship, loss of job and wealth; even sometimes create huge financial worries. Many think living a stress free lifestyle in the fast paced world is almost too difficult. However, it is not daunting at all. Giving you some simple tips and techniques to live a stress free lifestyle!

 Sleep Well

Sleep is the ultimate medicine for several health ailments. Lack of sleep is the major concern that leads to stress. Make sure to get adequate sleep every day without fail. Although we generally say, every individual need a minimum of 8 hours of sleep, the term adequate sleep and actual hours of sleep required by an individual varies. Some of you may just require 6 hours of sleep and a few may need more than 8 hours of sleep! So, don’t skip or sacrifice sufficient sleep for any other activity.

Simply, stick to a routine to go to bed whenever you are tired!

 Speak Out / pour out your emotions

You cannot remain silent all the times. Failure to express your thoughts, feelings and emotions could cost your health and lead to depression. Try to speak out everything at the right time and don’t carry your emotions for a long time. For instance, if your sister’s activity annoys you, just speak it out.

Take a “me” time

You may have a lot of responsibilities in personal and in professional life. Of course, many of you find 24 hours a day insufficient to meet your demands! Irrespective of your profession or nature of the job or loads of domestic responsibilities, you should always find a ‘me’ time, exclusively for you. Do something you love in the ‘me’ time. It can be reading, hearing songs, cooking, dancing, painting, watching television, playing your favorite game, etc.

Involve in any activity / develop a hobby

Just like a ‘me’ time, you need to develop a favorite hobby to overcome the stress. If you don’t have any specific hobby, just involve in any unusual activity. Say, join the kids and have fun with them or visit a friend, join a socio group, etc.

Plan your finance

Financial worries are another major cause of stress. Planning finance involves money management, cutting down unwanted expenses, taking better control over debt and more importantly timely payment of bills and loans. Remember that even the millionaires and billionaires face financial hurdles in their everyday life. Don’t try to go much beyond your financial means.

 Time Management

Tips for stress free life

While a few people could manage their finances wisely, a majority of the populationfails to stick to their daily routine. Time management is crucial for everything. Whether you are a homemaker, or a busy working professional, any kind of setback in the routine can cause stress. Haste doesn’t just make waste, but also ruins health. Create a schedule and try to stick to schedule!

Share the responsibilities

No individual is a superman or has a super power to perform everything! This is more applicable for working moms. You cannot burden yourself with too many chores, which end-up spoiling the health. Share the responsibilities with your family and ease out the stress.

Learn to love or just hate

This is a very simple technique to overcome stress effortlessly. The outcome of the dilemma between to love or to hate is nothing but stress. Either you should learn to love everything, or if you don’t like something, just hate it. It would cost nothing! For instance, if someone is annoying you, just ignore them, don’t take the hatred to your heart.

Learn to balance your emotions

The only way to balance your emotions is to meditate. Take some deep breaths for instant stress relief. Join the meditation classes to learn how to balance your emotions to beat the stress blues.

 Physical fitness and health eating

In addition all above mentioned facts, physical fitness is crucial to a stress free lifestyle. Physical fitness and healthy eating go hand in hand. Lack of physical fitness causes several mild to severe health concerns. Exercise or simply involve in any physical activity like aerobics, yoga, dance etc to maintain fitness as well reduce the stress. Eat healthy foods to stay fit.

Simple Instant Stress Relief Tips

Need instant stress buster? Follow these simple tips:

  • Go for a walk, say around 15 – 20 minutes. You will be relaxed instantly
  • Eat some instant stress busting foods – Chocolate, nuts, yogurt, cucumber, etc.
  • Listen to your favorite music – It releases stress fighting hormones and combats stress.
  • Take a shower to soothe your nerves
  • Simply, move away from the place where you feel stressed
  • Just lay down and close your eyes / read a book

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