How to Get Glowing Skin Naturally at Home

Are you trying hard to get that flawless and radiant skin? Many have the never ending desire for the glowing and blemish free skin. Glowing skin gives an added elegance and attractive look, surely making others wonder at you.

Getting glowing skin naturally at home itself is very easy but it takes a little time. Let us tell you secretly and home remedies here! Being a very sensitive organ, the skin may easily get damaged. Blemishes, spots, aging signs, etc impacts the overall appearance. Getting the naturally glowing and flawless skin is not a magic, yet is definitely not a rocket science.

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1. How to get Flawless Skin Naturally
2. Tips to get Glowing Skin naturally for Dry Skin
3. Tips to get Glowing Skin Naturally for Oily Skin
4. Tips to get Glowing Skin Naturally for Sensitive Skin
5. How to get Glowing Skin Naturally by Eating
6. Best Foods for Glowing Skin
7. Best Diet for Glowing Skin

How to get glowing skin naturally at home

How to get the glowing skin is definitely one of the most interesting questions that every woman love to know the answer. Would you not love to have a glowing skin with almost spending nothing? Yes. Secrets to the beautiful and glowing skin are simple. Go natural!!

To get glowing skin, you need not visit the beauty parlors, spas, and other cosmetic clinics. Natural remedies have been used for centuries which make an ideal skin care regime. If you are the one who hide your dull and pale skin, it’s the right time to resort to natural ways for glowing skin.

1. How to Get Flawless Skin Naturally

Skin is exposed to damage by many factors. Acne, scars, age spots, wrinkles and fine lines, skin obviously make you look tiresome and lackluster. Getting the flawless skin naturally is all about understanding your skin, eating fresh and natural foods and taking good care of your skin.

  • Learn about your skin type and what your skin needs
  • What you eat reflects on your skin. So, eat natural and seasonal foods
  • Regardless of climate and type of skin you have, hydration is the key to preventing skin dryness
  • Try doing simple exercises to boost circulation, which has a great impact on your health and appearance
  • Do simple breathing exercises for 20 minutes a day. It will help you soothe your mind and de-stress

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2. Tips to Get Glowing Skin Naturally for Dry Skin

Dry skin! Adding radiance to the dry skin is obviously a difficult thing. Dry skin is prone to premature aging signs. Dryness is the trigger that makes the skin cells yearn for hydration, reduces the collagen production

How to Get Flawless Skin Naturally

  • Drink a lot of water and hydrating liquids. Keeping the body hydrated keeps the skin moistened
  • Include liquid fruits and vegetables in diet
  • Include oils and fats in your diet. Oil is a lubricant and essential to stimulate collagen production, which keeps the skin and healthy
  • Do not take the bath for more than 10 minutes. Too much exposure to water rips off the natural oils from skin
  • Avoid taking too much sugar and salt. It enhances the skin dryness.
  • Cut down taking carbonated beverages and sodas, which leaves the harsh mark on skin
  • Follow colorful diet, which has at least two varieties of vegetables and eats at least one whole fruit a day
  • Cover the face and hair during extreme climate conditions

2.1  Home Remedies for Glowing Skin in Summer for Dry Skin

All remedies for skin problem start from home. In fact, not utilizing the healthy ingredients available at home makes the skin dry and dull. The harsh hands of summer damage the skin further. Your secrets to making your dry skin glow are unleashed here.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is one of the wonders of Mother Nature. The tiny plant holds a lot of benefits to the dry skin. It has amazing cooling properties and makes the best bet for dry skin to beat the harsh summer heat. It soothes the irritated skin, reduces the blemishes, moisturizes the skin and keeps the skin soft and supple.

Scoop the fresh aloe gel, blend it well and apply on face.

2. Water

Drink a minimum of 10 – 12 glasses of water every day. Water clarifies the internal organs by removing the toxins, which clarifies the skin blemishes. Drinking water prevents dehydration and dryness of skin, as well retains the skin moisture. Dry skinned people should consider increasing the intake of water to stay hydrated and retain moisture content in the skin. Take lemon tea or green tea or lemon juice with honey and no sugar in between the meals.

3. Simple face Wash / Scrub for dry skin to glow during summers

Due to excessive heat, the skin cells may get damaged. You should scrub and exfoliate the skin to remove the dead cells. Since skin is prone to extra dryness during summer, you should handle it sensitively. Gram flour makes the best and safest scrub for dry skin.

4. Ingredients you need: Aloe Vera gel, Honey, and Gram Flour

Mix these ingredients and use it as the scrub on the face. Aloe vera gel adds moisture to the skin by cooling the skin cells. It also got anti-inflammatory properties which shrink the bumps and breakouts. Honey deep cleanses the skin and gram flour adds to the glow of the skin. A dry skin with the simple face wash can be transformed into a nourished and glowing skin.

2.2  Home Remedies for Glowing Skin in Winter for Dry Skin

Dry skin! It is prone to damages regardless of the climatic changes. While you need soothing and cooling ingredients to combat the dryness during harsh summers, you need a lot of moisturizing and hydrating ingredients to prevent the cold hands damaging your skin.

  • Eat seasonal vegetables. Try to add more greens to your diet. In fact, your digestive system will be at its peak during winter. So you can eat a lot of greens, which provides you essential nutrients to save your skin from winter.
  • Include a lot of fruit juices (from the seasonal fruits) and liquids. Since the climate is too cold, you can enjoy having hot liquids like herbal tea and soups.
  • Do not take hot water bath even during winter. Hot water further aggravates the dry skin. Take the bath in warm water.
  • Apply oil at night before you go to sleep as a night skin care routine. Don’t bother about putting oil on the skin. It will not appear greasy. (Any choice of oil is good). Make the most of the natural moisturizers like butter, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, almond oil, etc.
  • Avoid wearing long-wear makeup during winters.
  • Cleanse your dry skin gently with honey every alternate day. It helps to lock the moisture in the skin.

3. Tips to Get Glowing Skin Naturally for Oily Skin

Oily skin can be very irritating as it gives a dull outlook. People with oily skin secrete a bit more oil than natural skinned people from the sebaceous glands, which makes them look greasy. However, oily skinned people are blessed that they don’t develop aging signs sooner. The skin cells are already coagulated with sufficient (and sometimes more than sufficient) oils which synthesize the collagen production with ease. Still, the dullness can affect them to a great extent.

Following are the few simple tips to make the oily skin glow naturally:

  1. Follow exfoliating regimen (removal of dead cells twice a week) meticulously. You can use salt or sugar
  2. Apply moisturizers at night without fail. You can simply slather a coating of coconut oil or Vitamin E oil or olive oil as natural moisturizers.
  3. Favor egg whites for instant brightness.
  4. Be watchful of your diet. Taking too much oil stimulates the already overdoing sebaceous glands
  5. Avoid wearing oil based or cream based makeup. It will enhance the greasiness of the face

3.1  Home Remedies for Glowing Skin in Summer for Oily Skin

Summer makes you sweat extra, which diminishes your complexion. In fact, summer is the worst time for oily skinned people. It simply aggravates developing pimples, black marks, spots and affects the skin.

Below are the home remedies:

  • Change the skin care products you used previous during summers. Nothing can save your skin from summer if you don’t stop using harsh cleansers, moisturizers, and toners. Resort to natural products to include in your summer skin care routine.
  • Try to get the facial steam at home to remove the impurities and soothe the sun damaged skin.
  • Get the mud mask (fuller’s earth) twice a week. It is a clarifying mask and rejuvenates your skin as well absorbs the greasiness of the oily skin.
  • Instead of using oils to moisturize your skin, use hydrating liquids like honey, rose water, glycerin and rose water.

Two more other solutions are here:

1. Oily skin Face Pack for summer

Here is the simple homemade face pack for the oily skin, which removes the excessive oil from the skin and adds radiance to the skin instantly.

2. Ingredients: Milk and Sandal powder

Apply a cotton ball dipped in milk and apply it all over the face. Mix the sandal powder in the milk and apply the mixture. Applying milk cleanses the skin and removes the dirt. Milk and sandal mixture works great for the oily skin by absorbing the excessive oil in the skin. The mixture adds to the healthy radiance of the skin.

3.2 Home Remedies for Glowing Skin in Winter for Oily Skin

Do oily skinned people need a moisturizer? Yes, obviously they need moisturizer just like dry skin. Hydration of a skin by oil is different from hydrating a skin by water. Of course, oily skin is an annoyance even during winters.

Oily skin needs more moisture during winters since the dry and cold wind during winters affect the skin and rips the natural moisture from the skin.

Below are two home remedies:

1. Schedule healthy skin care regime dedicated to moisturizing the oily skin
  • Change of climates also influences a lot of changes in a skincare regimen. If you haven’t changed your skin care routine
  • Apply Vitamin E oil on the face at night before going to bed. It is non-greasy oil and feeds your skin with essential hydration.
  • Another key is to make the skin glow is staying hydrated. The cold climate may affect your thirst quotient and you don’t feel like drinking even water! Drink a lot of liquids and stay hydrated.
  • Use tea tree oil (a few drops of oil) along with carrier oil or any moisturizer. It is the best bet for oily skin. It clears the skin, treats infection and controls the excessive oil but retains the moisture in the skin.
2. Instant glow and freshness

Starfruit brings miraculous changes in a few minutes. Slice the star fruit and apply the slices on the face or as a mask by mashing it. It soothes, rejuvenates and shrinks the pores of the skin.

4. Tips to Get Glowing Skin Naturally for Sensitive Skin

You should be very careful in choosing the right ingredients to put on sensitive skin that gives you a natural glow.

4.1  Home Remedies for Glowing Face for Sensitive Skin

1. Gentle exfoliating face packs for sensitive skin

Even sensitive skin needs exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells, which aids in the growth of fresh and young cells. Here is the gentle exfoliating face pack for sensitive skin.

Ingredients required: Cucumber, rose water and oatmeal

Powder the oatmeal and mix it with cucumber and rose water to make a fine paste. Apply the mixture to face and rub it all over the face and wash it off with warm water. Oatmeal gently exfoliates the skin, cucumber hydrates the skin and rosewater glow your skin.

2. Sandalwood – Soothe the Irritation

A great natural coolant for the sensitive and irritant skin. The cooling properties of sandalwood heal the sensitive and damaged dry skin. A great remedy for treating skin burns, sunburns, inflammation, etc. Also, you can even out the skin tone and make your skin having a glow with sandalwood. Sandalwood won’t harm the skin.

Mix sandalwood with rose water, milk, turmeric, aloe vera, etc for a miraculous transformation of your skin.

3. Face Pack for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Dry skin prone to sun sensitivity is the very distressing skin type that is characterized by a tender, extremely dry and easily irritated skin. Scars, redness, scales, etc are very common in sensitive skin and obviously the people with skin type long for getting their skin glow. The secret to the beautiful and healthy glow for sensitive skin is revealed.

4. Ingredients: Tomato juice, black grape juice or extract, plain yogurt, Aloe Vera and baking soda

Add these to make a fine mixture and apply it on the face in a circular motion. Tomato clears the skin and makes it rejuvenated. Grapes give antioxidants to the skin and make it nourished, healthy. Baking soda exfoliates the skin to remove the dead skin cells and yogurt and Aloe Vera adds to the moisture of the skin. The combination face wash transforms the sensitive skin boasting a healthy glow.

If your skin is prone to sensitivity during hot summers, try this simple face pack.

Roses Face Pack

The beautiful flower can make you look gorgeous with radiant and flawless skin. Sensitive skin needs extra rejuvenation and roses nourish your skin. It has rich components of Vitamin C and is cold in nature. Rose is a boon to darker and dull skin. Roses can be used in many forms, from rose petals to rose water and rose jelly. It’s a virtuous remedy to enhance the complexion of the skin during summer.

Gather fresh rose petals and grind with milk. Make it a soft paste and apply on skin. You will fall in love with your skin.  

Revitalize your skin with this Face Pack

Mash the bananas and add honey. Apply the mask on the face, it removes all debris and revitalizes the skin from inside.

Fruit therapy for quick complexion Faces Pack

Add apples, berries, papayas, grapes, orange or lemon and blend it until it becomes a fine mash. Wash your face and apply honey on the dried face. Before the honey mask dries, apply the fruit bash on your face. Leave it for 30 minutes and you would experience the enhanced complexion.

5. How to Get Glowing Skin Naturally by Eating Nutritious

It is too simple to get the natural glow by eating! Eat natural, eat seasonally and eat nutritiously! That’s it.

Fruits and Vegetables are the secrets to healthy glowing skin

Fruits and veggies are skin friendly foods, effective in fixing all problems associated with skin. Berries, grapes, oranges, melon, papaya, tomato, carrot, mango, legume, lentil, avocado, apples, cucumber, green leafy vegetables, celeries, etc are highly recommended.

These foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants, helps to get the miraculous skin with added radiance.

Water Therapy

Drink water. Water is the best thing gifted by the Mother Nature to the mankind. Water is the staple to get the glowing skin. Just by boosting your water intake you can bring miraculous changes on your skin. Lay a strong foundation to get the glowing skin by increasing your water intake. Drinking 2 liters of water is the daily requirement. Go a mile extra and increase the water intake.

6. How to Get Glowing Skin Naturally by Food

Best Foods for Glowing Skin

If your complexion is dull and dry, you could make use of getting a bit of radiance and glow with fruit therapy.How to Get Glowing Skin Naturally by Eating

Fruits, delicious and nutritious food choices make wonder in transforming the bored and unappealing skin to radiant, plump and supple skin.  Fruits are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, and essential minerals, which are the ‘must’ for flawless and younger skin. Get the glowing complexion, flawless and spotless face, and added radiance, soft, silky, healthy and younger skin in no time.

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Simply, fruits make the best foods for glowing skin! Besides fruits, there are a few more, you should rely on.

1. Eat Orange, Yellow and Red colored foods

Skin health greatly relies on nutritious foods and more importantly antioxidants. Red, orange and yellow colored foods contain the natural hue from beta carotene (a form of antioxidant, rich in carrots, beets, etc). Adding one or two fruits / veggies from these colors daily feeds your skin. Antioxidants destroy the free radicals damage to skin, makes the skin glow.

Best Foods for Glowing Skin

2. Avocados (butter fruit)

Avocados, also called as butter fruit, which consists of loads of nutrition for skin health, is grown only in India. The butter fruit is the richest source of biotin, which prevents the dryness of skin and facilitates the growth of healthy skin cells. Avocado juice or milkshake, when taken daily or three or four times a week, bring a magical and amazing transformation on the parched skin.

3. Papaya

Not everyone knows that papaya is one of the foods that assist in getting beautiful skin. The nutritious properties of papaya prevent the skin from getting sun damage and promote the DNA of the skin cells. Breakage of the chemical bond in the skin cells, dead skin cells, damages in the DNA, etc not only result with sagged, dry and blemished skin but also lead towards the development of malignant tumors. Papaya enables the strong chemical bonds of the skin cells and removes the dead skin, which is replaced with the growth of fresh and healthy cells.

4. Berries

Berries, strawberry, blueberry, gooseberry, etc are the richest source of antioxidants foods, help in fighting against the aging signs, skin dryness, wrinkles, etc. Berries are powerful enough to smoothen the rough skin and make it even. The antioxidant properties of berries also help to battle against the free radicals developed by the UV rays. In addition, the berries favor the dry skin in enhancing the collagen production, which gives the skin its elasticity and firmness.

You can also apply berry face mask to get the instant glow on your face. Add a few berries (or a combination of berries) and grind it into a soft paste. Apply the paste as a face pack. Wash with cold water after 20 minutes. You will love to see a different you in the mirror.

5. Salmon

Omega 3 fatty acids are found only in a few foods and salmon is one of the rarest goods that are loaded with this fatty acid. The omega 3 fatty acids give a great protection to the skin from getting affected by UV rays and prevent developing free radicals. A research reported that people who eat two or three servings of salmon every day for 6 months are proven to get rid of the skin lesions and achieved the glowing skin with no flaws.

6. Fats, Oils, Nuts, and Seeds

Butter, cheese, or cottage cheese can be included in the diet. Adding nuts and seeds, specifically almonds in the diet gives the health fat required by the body, a nutritious replacement for dairy products.

7. Best Diet for Glowing Skin

The best diet for glowing skin includes a lot of freshness and riot of colors! Any diet makes it ideal for glowing skin when it avoids processed foods, high sugar and salt intake, deep fried foods, caffeine, foods with artificial flavorings, etc.

Now let us see the foods to be included in the daily diet plan for glowing skin:

  • Start your day with a cup of green tea, the richest source of antioxidants is effective in fighting against free radicals. Instead, drink a glass of warm water with honey.
  • Get some colorful breakfast with lots of fruits and veggies.

For instance, get the fruit salad or a big bowl of the colorful combination of fruits with a pinch of mint leaves and lemon, blended with honey. Lemon, tomatoes, and gooseberry are the natural cleansers as well as detoxifier; help the body to get rid of the harmful toxins.

  • Change the fruits and veggies you eat every day. You won’t get bored.
  • Develop the habit of eating fruits and vegetables for snacks or nuts and seeds.
  • Have veggies for lunch and dinner. Steam or saute the vegetables. Get some fat added to the lunch as fat is also an important factor that adds elasticity and radiance to the skin. Only too much of fat is bad for health and skin.
  • You cannot eat fruits as a part of your meal. Eating fruits during or after the meal is not recommended. Eat fruits before a meal or one hour after a meal.
  • Try to develop a habit of eating only fruits for twice a month.
  • Since fresh fruits and veggies forms part of the diet for glowing skin, being the raw foods, there is no limitation about the intake of foods. You can consume as much as you can.

Stay away from these foods for a glowing skin:

1. High Carb and High Sugar Foods

Avoid the foods with high carbohydrates and high sugar. Foods that fall into this category include potatoes, starch foods, pasta, rice, sweetened drinks, can juices, fried meat, etc. Both high sugar and high carb fuel the body to fasten up the aging process, by breaking collagen responsible for skin elasticity and softness, creating free radicals, etc which is reflected through the skin.

Best Diet for Glowing Skin

2. Processed Foods

Processed foods contain chemicals, artificial flavoring agents, preservatives, etc which are unhealthy not only for the body but also for the skin. Eating processed foods like tinned foods, junk foods, packaged lunch, etc accumulates toxins in the body, creating the impact on the skin. Toxin-free body adds radiance to the skin.

So, it all comes down to taking appropriate skin care with something extra than the normal skin care regimen. Understand your skin type and choose the skincare routine accordingly. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get the glowing skin. You have all the ingredients available at your home and within your reach to get glowing skin naturally at home. Besides, take care of your diet and eat seasonal foods.

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