How to Burn More Calories – 7 Ways to Burn More Calories

7 ways to burn more calories:

Burning calories is nothing but the healthier method of losing weight. Reducing a fair amount of calorie gradually provide you great body. You can burn your calories without hitting the gym or spending the whole day in strenuous exercises. A number of options are available to burn those extra calories settled in the body easily. Here is the few simple ways to burn calories which never gives a sense of doing some exercise.

Hit the ground with your friends

Aging make us miss several funny and exciting activities, which includes visiting the playground with friends. Get back the older memories refurbished with the friends in the playground. Involve in some engaging, interesting and funny sports activities. Do you know playing the beach volley ball for half an hour can burn around 600 calories? Go for it and hit the ground with your friends.

Take the staircase

This is one of the simplest and effortless ways to burn more calories quickly. Where ever you go you will obviously use the elevator. For instance, shopping mall, home, office, airport, restaurant etc. Whenever you have the opportunity or the need to use elevator, take the stairs. Climbing the stairs for 5 minutes make burn 60 calories

Spic and span

We want everything to be clean and neat in a healthy atmosphere. So why not you can take some interesting steps to keep your home spic and span. You can find all types of gymnasium workouts available at your home. Mobbing and scrubbing the floors, rearrange the furniture, vaccum clean the upholsteries, arranging the wardrobe, etc all is sufficient to burn those extra calories very easily. Spending an hour to clean the home not only burn the unwanted calories but also makes your home neat and clean.

Play with your kid

No one denies playing with kids. The most exciting and funniest way to burn your calorie is playing with kids. Run behind them, play with them and carry them on the stroller. Playing actively with the children for an hour make you burn around 150 calories. At-least watch them playing by standing or moving behind.

Move frequently

Standing for an hour burns 50 calories. If you are on your work desk, give a break of about 5 minutes for every hour and go for a walk. If you get a call, just ‘walk and talk’ rather talking by sitting.

Eat negative calorie foods

Get some negative calorie foods in your food. Negative calorie foods are nothing but the foods that require more energy for digestion, which needs burning more calories. Apple, grape, citrus fruits, berries, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, etc are the few negative calorie foods that you can consider.

Get chilled

Make yourself cool with spending a lot of outdoors in the cold weather. Coldness automatically burns more calories even if you don’t shiver. Similarly, drinking ice cold water make you burn more calories than drinking ordinary water. If you replace the 7 – 8 glasses lukewarm water with similar quantity of ice cold water, you can burn 100 calories a day. Ice tea, cold coffee, ice creams, etc also have the same effect on the body and accumulates towards burning calorie.

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