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Different Types of Oral Cancer and Symptoms

Different Types of Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer is a sub classification of head and neck cancer. Oropharyngeal cancers and mouth cancer are the alternative terms of oral cancer. It is characterized by growth of cancer cells or cancerous tissues in oral cavities. More than 90% of oral cancers accounts for growth of cancer cells in the tongue. However, cancer┬ácells are […]

Ovarian Cancer Symptoms and Treatment

Ovarian cancer is the development or growth of cancer cells in different parts of ovary. The actual cause of ovarian cancer is yet to be identified. However, women are exposed with greater risk of developing ovarian cancer due to family history, history of any type of cancer, age above 50 years and in unmarried women […]

How to Get Rid of Cavities in 2 Days?

Cure tooth issues naturally

What are Cavities? The most common oral health problems are tooth decay and cavities. These problems are commonly seen in kids, teenagers and older adults. Cavities are also called as caries. There are many ways to get rid of a cavity in just 2 days which are explained in a better way in treatment section […]

Difference Between Needing a Filling and a Root Canal

dissimilar between a root canal and filling

Despite following a routine and strict oral care habits, you may experience discomfort or pain in your teeth at some point in time. It can be due to several reasons like sweets, caffeine, fast food or other health issues. The main cause of cavities is plague build up for a long time. It eventually causes […]